3 ways marketing agents can support fitness businesses

A giant in the fitness industry, Les Mills US reached out to Cura’s marketing agents so we could merge with their team and support content and technical outputs across various tools. Overall, Cura’s contribution generated efficiencies and led to improved business processes between Central and Regional Marketing Teams.

3 ways marketing agents can support fitness businesses Les Mills U.S. Virtual Class


Les Mills United States


Fitness – B2B

Business Description

World-leading fitness experts providing top fitness solutions, including group fitness classes and workouts, exercise equipment, and on-demand content.
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B2B and lead capturing
Cura was asked to help improve LMUS B2B communications, developing a cohesive web presence, driving leads and increasing conversions.
Campaigns and platforms
Our challenge included onboarding in several tools and platforms, working closely with the in-house team for campaign creation. We also were asked to set-up new platforms, and support with the ongoing management of existing tools.

Services & Tools



1. Support with advertising and content creation
First, we prepared fitness specific content Initially, the immediate action required was to improve Les Mills US B2B communications and campaigns. So Cura’s team was asked to work closely with the in-house marketing team for campaign creation, lead capture and member retention. As a result, we delivered ebooks and gated content, ads for different platforms and social media, including Instagram Linkedin and Facebook. Finally, we prepared the necessary back office work to collect, store and make the best use of the new leads.
2. Support with platform and tool management
Cura’s 360º marketing agents were then asked to support Les Mills with the ongoing management and integration of platforms and tools. As a result, the team was free from more technical build-out of automated communication solutions. Our team built Landing Pages, forms and the necessary sync to collect the leads and set them in the proper flows. For fitness businesses, making sure the database of prospects and leads is something that can be activated is so important. That is why we make sure to collect and store data in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.
3. Support with reports and key-learnings​
Thirdly, using Umbraco, Jira, and Eloqua, among others, Cura offered its expert support and managed all internal platforms. Finally, Cura managed to set-up easy to read and actionable reports. These worked in an automated way, allowing for permanent data collection. The in-house marketing team was able to identify exactly what was working well, and were they could find new opportunities to convert and get new clients. In the fitness industry, reporting is paramount. It works like the regular physical assessment, without which there is not tracking of progress. At Cura we know just what progress looks like and how to measure it.


An ongoing partnership
Trusting Cura to set up back-office, automated emails, and other marketing needs allowed the LesMills United States marketing team to plan ahead, get up to speed with daily work, and also to set new ambitious goals. As a result, the success of this partnership led to the decision to establish an ongoing collaboration that is here to stay.