E-commerce set-up: A membership-based business looking to increase its digital sales

Curating a new digital sales network, from awareness to conversion.
weights gym


Fitness Brand.


Price range lower than the market average.

Business Description

Business owned by different investors.
3 countries – 14 clubs


Offline business model
The business sales were made directly by assistants either by phone or in loco at the clubs.
Lack of automation
The challenge was to create a sales journey that would make outreach automatic, systematic and ongoing, non-dependent from actual sales person’s agendas.
Unknown Audiences
Segment the audience to tailor communications and lead them to conversion – signing up for the membership – without the need for human interaction. All made through digital.

Services & Tools



Content is king
First we created a story for the brand. As brand awareness, we positioned the brand as an expert, giving information that people little wanted to know. This was made through several types of content: blog, videos, social, newsletters. Instead of promoting the service/business, we promoted what’s inside of it.
With the content strategy we could see who was interested in what – so matching users with personas. After we planned a series of landing pages that sold the memberships with selling points that matched with what you previously showed interest for. So each user was meeting its desired habitat. There were a total of 14 landing pages.
Online Sales Strategy
With the dedicated landing pages in place and the communications set-up via content and social media to drive people to their appropriate LP, all that was left to do was facilitate buy-in. Implementing, sync and integrating the specific e-commerce provider was the final set of the process.


Successful implementation of digital sales

60% rise in online sales.
100% success in pre-sales.
Rise in conversions.
Successful pre-sale campaigns for new products or locations.
Best performing sales channel.

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