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Inserting the right tiles in the ideal place. That’s what our team does for you. Get to know us!

An open letter from the founders to anyone looking for a new way.
By Francisco, Pedro, and Diana
Fellow friends (we are very sociable),

We want to start by saying: we know your pain. We’ve been stuck in systems that didn’t work or did the bare minimum of what they could do — dealing with teams or contractors out of scope and consequently unproductive. Or, better still, dealing with other companies that did their work fine but still far from the results we expected them to deliver to our business. All people in Cura had management positions, so we all know how these things can happen.

That is why we decided there must be another way. There must be a way for creativity to meet business goals and originality to shine on the surface and in the background. There must be room for creativity that understands the businesses it has to suit, creativity that goes side by side with management.

This doesn’t mean we are not creatives – on the contrary – We are creatives by heart. But we are much more than that and understand how creativity should fit the bigger picture.

So, we did it—the new way. We developed a theory, our working method, based on our experience and know-how and got things going. We built an approach that is equal parts creativity and business insights.

A lot of people will say it won’t change anything. We say they’re wrong.

There’s a way to stop managing frustrations and start managing success.

And we are ready to curate it.

Co-Founder & Design Curator

Pedro Figueira

Passionate about cinema and music, Pedro’s design solutions find inspiration in all art forms. Art has always led the way from the small waterfront village to skyscraper city life.

His online work is often supervised by Dominic Decocco, the cat that behaves like a dog and is living proof of Pedro’s commitment to creativity and new concepts.

Experimenting with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, great designs can be drawn to the tune of the latest folk song, an album of punk-kuduro, prog-rock or even a french classic; you just never know.
Pedro Figueira Co-founder Cura Creative Internet Marketing Service
Francisco Afonso Co-founder Cura Creative Internet Marketing Service

Co-Founder & Marketing Curator

Francisco Afonso

Sarcastic and straightforward with an easy laugh. If he were a bartender, you would probably never get the cocktail you ordered, but the one you didn’t know you needed. In marketing, that’s what added value means.

Francisco reads human interests and behaviours, offline and on the internet, and converts them into clever insights. His “passion for people’s passions” has led him to backpack for three months in South America, managing a marketing team in Poland, spending regular weekends in the City (London) and pub touring the best off-the-chart pubs in Lisbon.

Co-Founder & Branding Curator

Diana Moreira

Diana is often content with content, be that the form of creative campaigns and concepts, branding, blog articles or in any story telling type, even in short social media-ready bites.

As a mother of 3, she lives up to the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy woman.
Diana Moreira Co-founder Cura Creative Internet Marketing Service

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