Cura presents

The white box theory

Stop thinking outside the box. We are bringing all the great ideas inside. Cura will help you turn your work into an artwork that clients will love to buy, use and experience for longer.

What is cura?

Our name derives from the Curator, the art agent that conceptualizes an exhibition. The Curator coordinates between artist and venue to deliver the best possible experience of the artworks. The Curator can summon the best pieces of a particular period and style to build a cohesive experience that has a story to tell and truly impacts the audience.

Cura white box theory objects pedestal art gallery
Cura. Your work is an artwork

Just like in an exhibition, you are the artist, and your work needs to be displayed in the best light for the audience’s fruition.

Cura has a team of experts that work as curators to do just that.

Branding books


is when we identify the best features of your product and service and tell a story that helps it shine. After working on the story it tells, the way it looks, and how the experience should feel, we start to build the exhibition.

Marketing darts


is when we select the medium to place your product or service to reach your target audience and convert them into buyers. We will build a flow that brings people in. We will work with ads strategy, PR, landing pages, or email marketing via App, social media, content marketing, or influencers.

Technology bulb


is when we integrate all these areas and sync them for the best performance and straightforward analysis of the results gathered. Our reports will show who bought your work and how to capitalize on their reviews and recommendations. We'll learn how we can upsell and reach more people like them.

Cura white box theory concept diagram

Cura - Implementing the white box theory

First, our approach begins with a white canvas, the empty walls. Then, we’ll take a fresh look at where you identify your business struggles, gaps, or what are your new goals.

Secondly, we analyze, collect, and structure all the great ideas and bring them inside the box. Once we agree on the action plan, we’ll get to the budget that is adaptable to your business needs and can be based on hours or retainer fees.

Finally, we are ready to get the show going.