Fitness branding and creative curation for expanding new gym brand

A complete fitness rebranding, curating a new fitness brand, and making it grow from 1 to 12 clubs. Services include Identity Development, Graphic Design, Brand Growth Strategy and Content Strategy.

Cura creative Fitness branding and creative curation for expanding new gym brand


Fitness chain.


Price range above market average.

Business Description

Business owned by different investors.
3 countries – 14 clubs.


Creative approach
When we started working on this project the client had the business model figured out but was lacking the creative and brand strategy side. They knew their target and goals but had no idea how to target them and get their attention.
Market Strategy
The low-cost fitness market is known to have its selling point only on the price. The gyms are similar, the offer is almost the same and so the members go to the one with the best price. Our challenge, since the membership price was slightly higher, was to prove that brand perception could influence clients. So we had to build a brand strong enough to compete against pricing.

Services & Tools



Speak directly to your customers’ needs

After researching the market, we detected a gap for “truth-tellers”. All brands were focused on being healthy and more active. We knew our target was young – and that was not what they were looking for. So we established the brand voice and imagery to appeal to what our potential members (18-30 year olds) were looking for in a gym: better-looking bodies. Instead of speaking about “losing weight” we appealed to “Get a 6 pack”. Instead of “Being more active” we brought “Be more confident”.

Offer an exclusive perception

We also found out that the fitness offer in the market was basically the same. There are a few “fitness service providers” (training plans, group classes, …) worldwide and that is what most of the market was using. It was an “unspoken rule” – if you have a gym, you have to use a certain provider. So we went a step further and created a unique offer of group classes and training plans. Every class had its own imagery, logo, claims and strategy. This created a unique market for this brand: it was impossible for anyone else to have the same offer as we did.

Fitness rebranding and communication

With all meaningful stages of identifying the target audience, its concerns and needs translated into the business offer, it was time to tell the world about it. We built campaigns and communication concepts that cascaded into paid media, content strategy, social media content and added specific offers for sales campaigns on top.


Real, measurable brand growth

13 new clubs in 3 years.
Award for best fitness brand in 1 country.
Above market average customer lifetime value.

Girl training in gym