Behind the stage

What we do behind the scenes to help companies build their best show.

Our team has over 20 years of experience mixing creativity and management in the business world.

What does a marketing agent do?

As a Marketing Agent we are responsible for working with companies, business owners, as well as with in-house marketing teams.
First we help businesses identify their main marketing goals. Then we’ll build the best strategies to reach them. Finally, we’ll implement the steps needed in order to get to the market with the ideal message for each product, service, or concept.
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How to hire a marketing agent?

Cura’s team functions as an external marketing agent. We work alongside your in-house marketing team. As a result, Cura can help fill the gaps where needed. In addition, we’ll also deliver the work without being an added load to the company’s structure. Most importantly, we are ready to support and fill in the marketing needs with transparent budgeting. Moreover, Cura offers easy payment options, so you can contract our services via hour packs or on a monthly retainer.

The type of companies we work for

We’ve got a wide range of clients from several areas and backgrounds.

Here are some of the business types we’ve already worked for:

Multi brand
Direct to consumer
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Branding and Rebranding solutions

Cura is ready to create meaningful brand IDs according to the mission and vision of the company. So we coordinate with CEOs, CMOs, and in-house marketing teams to get things done.

Moreover, our agency works with experienced designers and brand managers so we can transform your ideas into profitable solutions.

Here’s how we can help you build a powerful brand presence online and offline:

Identity Development
Design Systems
Graphic Design
Brand voice and copywriting

Online and Offline Marketing

Online and offline brand strategies need clear goals. At Cura, we mix creativity and business knowledge so we can increase audiences, promote awareness and engagement, and increase ROI.

With a proper marketing gap analysis, we can identify clear objectives and steps to get there.

Above all, business owners and marketing teams can see their brand grow with data and profits to show for it. For instance, here are some examples of what we can do:
Brand growth
E-commerce Campaigns & planning
Paid Media
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Technology is the way

A business’ digital ecosystem needs to connect learning and building stages. We’ll focus on specific questions to understand how technology can work in your favor.

Are you taking as much data from your customers as you should?

Are your CRM and marketing investments working together?

Do you know what the goal of your customer journey is?

We have in-house technology experts so we can audit, advise, build, and integrate the best tech solutions for your business goals.

Here’s what we can do for you:
Solution Architecture
Web & App Design
Information Architecture