Brand Positioning and Yearly Campaign: Matching the brand looks with the brand pricing for a premium approach

An outdated brand, lacking cohesion and recognition, was struggling in the changing landscape of its market.
Yoga in premium club


Top fitness chain in Europe.


Premium health club.

Business Description

The business is owned by several investors. Present in 10 countries with over 70 gyms.


High competition
It is an ever-expanding market with new low-cost gyms, new boutique fitness clubs, new online fitness solutions, and new premium competitors, all fighting for a slice.
Outdated brand identity
Although the business was set in the market, the brand was outdated: it was worn out, without much else to say.
Missing brand guidelines
The expansion was fast, brand guidelines were loose and the result was a business that lacked a real brand experience, without teams, staffs and clubs speaking independently for themselves.

Services & Tools



New brand identity
To stand out in the fitness market’s top segment, this brand required an overhaul to match brand identity with customer experience and price tag—a premium brand experience for a premium segment. This rebranding plan included implementing new visuals for all brand products and services, new icons, new colours, new imagery.
New Brandbook
We then reinforced the tone of voice and worldview of the brand by creating a cohesive brand book with guidelines for all teams to learn and implement. It was then a matter of allowing the new brand identity to come to life beyond the company.
Re-positioning Campaign
Have a story to tell. We prepared a year-long campaign for positioning and developed a communication plan, including the full social media strategy, paid media, ad planning and content-rich, allowing a strong brand to flow consistently in all owned channels.


4 Times increase in campaign ROI

27% growth in brand awareness (focus group).
Higher brand awareness.
Premium look and feel segmented audiences, with launch campaigns improving ad ROI – 4 times higher than the previous campaigns.
New website opened a new sales channel with digital memberships.

focus group