Costumer journey creation: A tailored communication plan for members

Data was lost everywhere, therefore there was no record of client communications, which led to a feeling of constant Spam.
Girls talking on gym


Top fitness chain in Europe.


Premium health clubs.

Business Description

The business is owned by several investors. Present in 10 countries with over 70 gyms.


Highly competitive market
A growing number of fitness providers, from global app solutions to boutique fitness clubs opening everywhere. Without an involving and meaningful approach that keeps clients/ members engaged and supported it’s difficult to stand-out from the competition.
Identifying meaningful touch-points
Online and offline, communications with clients/ members, needed to be consistent, clear and with purpose. Identifying key moments, eliminating redundancies and getting a clear path to implement that would support a premium and inclusive approach.
Business goals
Matching the business goals with personal expectations by creating an experience that delivers on the brand message and is able to respect not only GDPR regulations, but that is non-intrusive, convenient, and tailorable via member funnels, from beginning to… never-ending.

Services & Tools



Audit touchpoints
An expert review of all interactions, from prospect to member, from day zero. Where were the leads coming from? Were they receiving content or offers that could lead to a sale? How often? Who was interacting with the leads?
Create a tailored journey
Understanding all the steps of a potential customer, a new joiner and a live member – both online and in the clubs – allowed to trim away what was unnecessary, too intrusive, redundant and even offputting.
Implement Strategy
Platforms were selected based on the specific business needs, and then they were put to sync, providing seamless steps, automated CRM, communications, payments. With these platforms in place, we could design the experience according to the member’s profile, allowing it to become as supportive or as self-regulated as they desired. How customers were approached (email, phone, SMS) and the frequency of these contacts was also considered, leading to a more pleasing and natural relationship.


Increase in engagement, clicks and upselling

Increase in CTR via nurture.
Tailored communications led to higher engagement.
New profiles raised the Customer Lifetime Value by 12%.
Cross-selling and up-selling in the right moments, now knowing how customers behave.

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