How to measure the success of a social media marketing agent?

Our social media marketing agent work towards building stronger owned channels and online presence for a leading fitness business.

Fitness Chain Social Media


Top fitness chain in Europe.


Premium health clubs.

Business Description

The business is owned by several investors. Present in 10 countries with over 70 gyms. More than 150k members on Facebook. More than 30k members on Instagram.


No clear Social Media purpose

No clear purpose: The social media presence was not a primary concern from the start, and there was no vision or purpose.

Channel security risks

Each club had one page that published content randomly. The channels were often managed by whomever had access at the time. There was also the added issue of losing track of passwords, missing clear ownership and facing account security risks.

Inconsistent brand presence

With the increased number of channels, it eventually became an issue with keeping brand consistency. Each channel spoke in their own way, there was no clear brand tone of voice.

Lack of volume and financial investment

Lacking a social media marketing agent strategy in place led to a complete miss-out on performance and social media advertising possibilities. The investment was spread too thin in several random posts, and had little impact. As a result, it generated little engagement, missed out on key metrics and had low volume traffic to website.

Services & Tools



Social media marketing agent

We prepared a centralized structure for managing the channels. Assuring community management was done with a clear vision of each social media channel’s purpose. This team structure creation resulted in higher accountability, higher account safety and a more consistent brand experience for the followers.

Stronger together

Having too many pages added a lot of work to field teams. And it also had poor results that were often damaging to the brand identity. This shift allow the team to free itself from the social media routine tasks. They no longer had to stress to “publish something”. So now they could focus on making the most out of amazing social media opportunities instead of worrying with the daily maintenance. By merging facebook pages under one structure, the company aggregated a mass of followers that surpassed all competitors. Then it started to grow, brand-aligned, and in a snowball effect. Followers could see each other interacting. That inspired them to engage more too. The community became not only way more significant it was also healthier.

A good strategy goes a long way

With this umbrella structure in place, one single message could naturally reach a more considerable amount of viewers. This also meant that investment could also be centralized, bringing a higher ROI. Organically it worked better as well. The same amount of investment went a long(er) way. Segmenting some posts with the meaningful target meant the experience still offered a sense of proximity for each follower.


Stronger brand presence, more followers, and higher engagement
Increase of followers on Facebook from under 170k to over 450k.
Over 30k new followers on Instagram in 3 years with a total investment averaging 250€ per year.
Stronger brand identity and unified brand experience.
Increased account safety and managers accountability.
Friends at gym