Why branded content is important for fitness businesses

Urban Sports Club’s Iberia reached Cura looking for support with their branded content marketing strategy and overall content creation and copywriting for blog, social media and also website.

Why branded content is important for fitness businesses Urban Sports Club Women Exercising


Urban Sports Club


Fitness – B2C and B2B

Business Description

A multi-country platform that aggregates in a single membership over 50 different sports, offering access to more than 10.000 sports venues, gyms, studios, as well as to experiences in wellness facilities.
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In-house Marketing team
Expecting the unexpected. One thing we know from practice: Unexpected loads of work are always something to be expected.

When workloads proved challenging, Urban Sports Club marketing team knew they could rely on Cura to step in and help them to organise their content strategy and production. So we filled in the gaps where needed, guaranteeing Press Releases, Newsletters or even post plans were up to speed.
Tight timelines
When everything is a priority it’s difficult not to drop the ball. So, it’s a good thing that we are experts in team sports.

Thanks to an agile approach all deadlines were secured and the client received materials exactly when they needed it. Moreover, we were able to take on new brand challenges, as a result of goals being met sooner than expected.

Branded content

Do you Speak Sports? With Cura’s background and fitness business experience it was easy to learn and incorporate the brand’s tone of voice and concerns into all the content and communication materials created. In addition to being fluent in fitness marketing, Cura team also has a deep understanding of the specific needs of fitness businesses, so we were able to consider things from a perspective of, firstly, B2B and corporate commitments and, secondly, from a focus on lead capturing and member retention.

Services & Tools



Creative copywriting
Cura began by implementing effective project management solutions, plan and set up campaigns, landing pages, autocomms, social media, and paid media ads. Our copywriting skills meant adapting the brand’s tone of voice to match each channel target audience.
Content Ebooks and Guides
As an example, one of our branded content pieces was a B2B guide based on European data. Our team researched and dug into a European Fitness Reports, studies developed by Urban Sports Club and also into external experts’ data. Then we compiled all the information into an easy to read, interesting and practical guide, meant to generate new corporate leads and collaborations. The ebook became a part of the yearly communications in gated content for their lead generation strategy.
At the same time, we also prepared blog content pieces, other ebooks and materials that could be cross-published. We adapted blog pieces for SEO, researched keywords and prepared branded content according to the calendar plan. Finally we also provided translation services in several languages, including Spanish, English, and French into Portuguese.


On-brand and on time

Cura’s commitment to deadlines and style allowed Urban Sports Club to stick to their branded content plans and promptly respond to urging work requests while keeping true to their tone of voice.