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Curation of our work

Where are the leads?

Urban Sports Club aimed to boost their B2B lead generation. Our communication and outreach strategy focused on capturing and nurturing corporate leads. We established new partnerships and implemented an oriented social media strategy and content. Additionally, we supported the research and organization of meaningful B2B events such as Expo RH or Forum RH, which generated the desired results and leads.

Client: Urban Sports Club, the leading European app for people interested in practicing multiple sports every week.

Role: Content / Social Media / Partnerships

Date: 2023

Keep the brand running

Clube VII required a team to manage their monthly marketing needs, including campaigns, social media, content creation, newsletters, and events. Cura became the reliable team that keeps their brand moving forward every month.

Client: Clube VII, the only luxury, health & social club in the heart of Lisbon.

Role: Strategy / Content / Design / Social Media

Date: 2022/2023

The dog school for humans

Launching an e-learning course is no easy task. We handled it all, including shooting, production, editing, launch strategy, and planning. "How to start your own dog services business" sold its first 50 courses in less than 1 week.

Client: Cão Nosso, the main dog services provider in the Lisbon area.

Role: Content / Strategy / Design

Date: 2022

Producing real ideas that trigger leads

B2B lead generation was becoming a difficult task for the company. To solve this, Cura created content with relatable concepts and solved real business owner problems. The result was the best-performing campaign from the past 2 years.

Client: Les Mills United States, the biggest fitness provider in the world.

Role: Content / Lead Generation

Date: 2021/2022